Real Asset Data
Delivered On Chain

BlockPortal’s oracle-as-a-service platform actualizes the value of private market asset data. Acting as a bridge, it connects providers and users of real asset data and drives market value on, off and across blockchains.

What Is BlockPortal?

A Web3 Marketplace for Real Asset Data

BlockPortal provides Web3 app builders with real-time, physical and financial building data that they can use to build innovative products.

Connecting real asset data owners to DeFi

BlockPortal facilitates decentralized API deployment and management so that data providers do not need to become blockchain experts.

A Hub to utilize and inform multiple Blockchains

BlockPortal is the hub that connects real asset data providers to decentralized Apps, Fungible & Non-fungible tokens, Digital Worlds, and off-chain Applications.

Actualizing the value of Data by your Standards

BlockPortal enables data providers to define their own level of access, confidentiality and interoperability, keeping data secure and owners in control.

Get Early Access

Connect to an oracle network that delivers
physical and financial building data
to any blockchain.

Features Designed to Develop New Market Opportunities

User-friendly design backed by enterprise-level security creates a seamless and supported interface from onboarding through deployment for data owners, consumers, and developers.

White-Gloved Deployment

Data provider can select deployment options via an easy to use Web application.

Owner Controlled Bridge Nodes

BlockPortal oracle service deploys a data bridge node with the data provider in control.

Blockchain Interoperability

Bridged data streams are available to use in smart contracts across a variety of blockchain protocols.

Endless Web3 Applications

Data consumer can access on-chain streams via marketplaces, dApps, tokens and more.

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